Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day – A Real Life Hero

  Happy Father’s Day (A Real Life Hero) We often celebrate numerous festival in India such as Mother’s Day, Chocolate Day, and Teddy Day & Love-Day (Valentine’s Day lol don’t get any wrong ideas over it). We always carry something for …

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falling in love

#LoveStruck Falling In Love Is So Easy To Do

Falling in love is so easy to do, I fell for you right out of the blue. hearing your voice and seeing your smile, you stole my heart and I just went wild. feeling your touch and tasting your kiss, …

The devil within

The Devil Within – When Love Conquers All

I feel it in my heart , that awful need Too unlock the demon that lies within me . Over the years , I’ve heard their words . Heard their scorn, felt their cords . That bound me , keeping …