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We all love animals as their nature is kind, they don’t play mind games, Neither do they expect nor they disappoint us. And keeping animals as pet is something most of the people adore. Who better than Dog when we talk of Pets. With Dogs being most reliable, loyal and cute. But have we ever given thought if they could tak what would they have in store for us? 

Yes Pedigree is very very healthy for me, but I don’t like it. And how would I feel eating same old pedigree everyday. why you looking at me like that? even you don’t like veggies and salads everyday. get me some chicken now 

Yeah that TV set is yours, but ain’t I a Family member as you say? I get real bored when you tune into sports and drama serials, please put on some animation and cartoons.
Even we dogs are entitled to entertainment.

Yes I am your pet, but that doesn’t make you my boss. you are an owner, you don’t have to make me your puppet. sit, stand, shake hands, come here, go there, catch the ball are all commands which I am not bound to follow. Am kind enough to tolerate your controlling tactics, but that doesn’t mean you can take me for granted 

Hey you. yes you. I know you like my owner, and you want to impress him/her.
but you can’t trick them to like you by pampering me and playing with me. 

I love evening walks, but take me for walk 
Where I would like to go, not where you get your eye candy

Potty Training? no man no. you just can not control where and when I poop. 
Isn’t that a fundamental right?. 

You invite your friends over, why don’t you invite their dogs too? 
We can have get together as well! and don’t you know I have feelings too. . 

Some of you beat me and my brothers. Just cause we can not talk like you, 
does not give you reason enough to put all your anger and frustration on us.
If we ever bite you .. you would regret it for a lifetime. 

On an ending note, I love you. Just how you love me, or more than you. But do keep in mind that we are living beings too, and if mistreated then either today or tomorrow every dog has it’s day 😉 



Angry Young Indian

Angry Young Indian

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Angry Young Indian

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