ThenVsNow : How Our Lives Have Changed With Time And Technology

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Time and Technology

World has changed, who can deny it any-ways? Time and Surroundings are changing/moving so fast that one really feels they were born in One generation and now are living in another.
Technology is so rapidly growing that things we had in our childhood have acquired status of Antique or Vintage.
These images perfectly sum up how lives have changed.

1. Cellphones : Then Durable with less Facilities, Now Full Functional but less Durable

2. Gaming : Gaming with Friends Back Then & Well Now…!

3. Remember Holidays:

Our Holiday Memories, From those family pictures pinned in giant album to this!

4. Kids Play : From outdoors to indoors

5. New Technology : Shows Our Relation with our TV Sets

6. Exercising:  now vs then. Now this is Selfi-exercise

7. Unlocking Secret Codes And Levels : Playing Hard Vs Paying Hard

8. Birthdays : From Real to Virtual

9. Staying Connected : Mail and E-mail

10. Wasting of time: And one that sums it up all, How we wasted time then and how you are doing now *WINK*


Angry Young Indian

Angry Young Indian

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Angry Young Indian

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