And She Wondered…. “What Love Is”

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She was sitting at CCD waiting for him, sipping on her favorite espresso. Caffeine was her drug, and she needed it right now, as her mind was to be clear before she met him. She wondered was she in Love with him?
After 3 terrible break ups, and little heartbreaks here and there she was less emotional towards thing called love. And now her best friend, whom she knew she had friend zoned, who she knew had feelings for her. He her best support in the world, had confessed last night that He loved her. She was not really surprised, she was aware about his feelings towards her. But she was not sure of what she wanted. He had asked her to meet at 3 pm. 
It was 2.45 pm in the clock, she had reached cafe at 2.30 to grab on her caffeine and to decide what is to be done. Sipping last drop from her cup question rose in her mind, “What this damn love is?”
He arrived at 2.55. She was on the verge of ordering second cup of espresso. When he saw her, he smiled! That broad charming smile that always made her feel good. Adjusting chair close to her, he sat beside her. “So you are here” He smiled as he spoke. She trembled at his smile, but managed to direct her voice to him, “Well yes. So what will you have? Cold Coffee?” he bending towards her and with soft whisper “You know me better” 
10 minutes had passed since his arrival, and they were having their own cup of Caffeine, their conversation considerably light. He asked, “So Madam, Gave thought to my confession? Obviously you would have.” She with more comfort and Confidence replied now, “Yaar! Seriously am not surprised, I mean c’mon I know, you like me. But you know me well! And you know you know am just confused about what I feel.” 
“Obviously Sweetheart”, did he just call her sweetheart, why that made her trembled. He continued, ” and I don’t just like but love you.” 

She spoke again interrupting him, “Seriously yaar, ye pyaar hain kya, what this Love is. I have invested in relations like an idiot, and you know how I have fared, every time hearing sorry I don’t love you, and now I don’t even know what this bullshit concept is, no offence to you, I fail to understand whole idea of Love. You know what I mean right?” 
He held her hand, looking into her eyes. This kind of gesture was not new to their friendship, but today it was indeed different, he was more intense and more charming than ever. “See, I cannot tell you what to think, and what to decide. but for me When you start getting scared just on mere thought of losing a person, when in your darkest day all you can think as your own Sun is that person, When you know only he or she has the potential to make you laugh your guts out even at worst time. When you know that life would not be impossible without them, but without them there would be no fun because your soul will feel incomplete. Love is simple. We make it complicate thing. And as matter of fact, it was always simple for me, I knew I was in love with you and would always be. Got it? Duffer” 
She smiled, “yes mister. Anyways shall we talk on this later, once I think again?” 
He “You can take forever, as long as you don’t say yes when am dying with grey hair and week knees” 
She jumped “Shut up Dumbo, and drop me home” 

At her Door, He Smiled, She Smiled. They Hugged. 

Later on at night, on her bed she questioned herself again, was she in love? All her life she kept declaring oh I am in love, and always falling for wrong person. And now he had said it like it was so easy, he had made entire thing seem as easy and natural as breathing. She was wondering? Am I afraid of losing him?
Switching off the light and pulling the blanket over her body, her eyes sparkled, and her lips turned into smile. Closing her eyes clutching the teddy that was gifted by him she slept. 

Obviously now she knew the answer.

Bijal Vyas

Bijal Vyas

Writer and Editor at Picescorp
Bijal Vyas is Co Founder and Editor at Picescorp. Passion and Sarcasm are her main traits which are refelcted in her writings as well.

Word From Author : I come with Warning and Caution!
Past : Economics and Political Major | Current : Lazy and Laid-back Perfectionist
Bijal Vyas

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