#LoveStruck Falling In Love Is So Easy To Do

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falling in love

Falling in love is so easy to do,
I fell for you right out of the blue.
hearing your voice and seeing your smile,
you stole my heart and I just went wild.
feeling your touch and tasting your kiss,
I couldn’t help but think that you were heaven sent.
knowing your heart and seeing your soul,
the passion I felt was more richer than gold.
the love I feel for you is the truest of true,
so please hold on to it, as I hold on to you. 

Saif Ali Shaikh

Saif Ali Shaikh

Writer at Picescorp
Saif Ali as known as Sinner, driven by Sense of Justice and trying to Alter the Reality. One man against the Whole System.

Word from Author: Define yourself against this Tyrany of Hypocrites.
Saif Ali Shaikh

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