The Promises We Made, From Then Until Forever

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Promises we made

Do you remember, when we were young, 
those promises we made.
The promise to be there for each other, 
no matter night or day.
The promise to keep secrets,
no matter what they are.
The promise to be friends forever, 
no matter where we are.
The promise to stand up for each other, 
no matter what the cause.
The promise to never judge each other, 
no matter all the flaws.
The promise to always tell the other, 
they’re doing something wrong.
The promise to remember this, 
when the other has sadly gone.
The promise to always help each other,
no matter what the weather. 
The promise to always keep a promise, 
from then until forever.
We’re older now, we’ve changed, 
We’ve grown, we’ve forgotten many things.
We’ve lived through life, are facing our end,
whatever it may bring. 
We’ve had our problems, doubts, and sorrows, 
that came along the way.
Yet still we’ve managed, to keep them all,
the promises we made.

Saif Ali Shaikh

Saif Ali Shaikh

Writer at Picescorp
Saif Ali as known as Sinner, driven by Sense of Justice and trying to Alter the Reality. One man against the Whole System.

Word from Author: Define yourself against this Tyrany of Hypocrites.
Saif Ali Shaikh

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