My Everything – You Are More Than My Words Can Ever Define

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My Everything

You are every tear I weep and every Smile,
Its you when I rest, 
or walk a thousand mile;
You are my hope, faith and Inspiration,
Even the edges of my desperation;
Every good deed and every sin is you,
You are my trust and betrayal too;
You are fear and safety to me,

You are my now, forever and eternity;
In every battle I fight and peace I seek,
You are my strength and in you I am weak;

Its you who is my Joy and frustration,
My every problem and its solution;

You are everything and earn and every debt,
Every risk I take or choose not to bet;

You are my every win and every loss,
The reason I am forgiving or when I am cross;

You are my ground firm and the limitless sky,
The reason I’ll live and that I’ll die;

In you is all my Love and my hate,
You are the image of my soul, my soul mate

Saif Ali Shaikh

Saif Ali Shaikh

Writer at Picescorp
Saif Ali as known as Sinner, driven by Sense of Justice and trying to Alter the Reality. One man against the Whole System.

Word from Author: Define yourself against this Tyrany of Hypocrites.
Saif Ali Shaikh

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