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Do u often think of beat in your mind when eating food or just with a group of friends who loves to Beat-box & the other guy throwing some lyrics to match the beats?

What if I tell you that you could create such things on a simple paper?

Your reaction will be like “Is he crazy or what, how can you create music on simple paper? DAFAQ Bro”

Yes I might sound crazy but the fast food giant company had recently partnered with ad-agency TBWA/Neboko & the Visual/digital production house This Page Amsterdam to create a touch sensitive placemat which could create beats.



Introducing McTrax where all your beats could come true.(Not all but few).

This fast food giant is none other than McDonald’s and all this things are happening in Netherlands (I wonder when India will get a chance to try this).

The placemats developed with This Page Amsterdam uses conductive ink, a small battery, and a thin circuit board with 26 digital touchpoints. The procedure to create the beats on this placemats is simple. Put your phone down, download an app and make music with in-house produced audio loops, synths & musical effects. You could also record your own voice

Check out their official video :


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