10 Reasons Why Being An Introvert Has It’s Own Benefits

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being an introvert

Being an Introvert people know you as shy, reserved person who likes to sit in corner and does not like to talk at all. Not their fault as such is the sterotype.
If you are an Introvert you would know that what people think of you is completely wrong, and there is so much more to your personality than just the label of Shy. 

Here we present list of reason why you love being an introvert.

Observations and Self Indulgence : While everyone else around is busy talking and socializing you would be sitting in a corner, busy in your own thoughts. Which could be thinking why people act the way they do, or why is earth round. Why is it good? cause not many get time to talk to the inner self. and being an introvert you can often if not always get this awesome opportunity

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More Valuable Asset to The Group : As you maintain a low key, you are more popular when it comes to list of Friend in need. As You are person who is more interested in being shoulder to cry than being life of a party.

shoulder to cry on

Ultimate Peace Maker : You are in fact the one who solves the clashes. You have sat and seen it all, thus you can see both the sides and accordingly act perfect peace maker. and hey they listen to you cause didn’t we mention earlier you are valuable asset.


Friend, Philosopher and Guide : No guess work here, you get to play it all.


Adviser : They come to you because they know you are the best adviser. you never admit it but you know you do get little irritated. but helping someone one makes your heart happy


Diary As A Friend : As you talk less to people some of you prefer writing, which is habit that makes you a much better person. And don’t we know already that Writing diary has it’s own benefits.


Coffee + Books = Awesomeness : It is blessing for you, add rainy season in it and you know what heaven is.


You Are Person That Enjoys Being Alone : People would hardly see you getting bored by something as you love to enjoy things alone. Small things makes you happy and that is where beauty of life lies.


You are Happily Introvert : People will say what they want they will judge you as they wish. but you know you are an amazing soul, and you surely don’t need us to tell you that. If someone ever ask you or nag you too much invading your zone then to comment “people think I don’t talk but I talk most of the time with myself, because I need expert advice!   😉 


Bijal Vyas

Bijal Vyas

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Bijal Vyas

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