14 Tell-Tale Signs That Proves You Are With The Right Man

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Relationship nowadays are complex, with expectations of couples in relation are pretty much high. Romance has been overrated from ages.

Ladies you do not have to fall trap into false expectations and ruin your relation with insecurities, You just have to look for little things and small gestures which are more than enough for you to know that you are with a Right kind of Person, not the Perfect Man but Perfect enough for you

  1. He never forgets how much he Loves You : Quick peck on your cheek, hug now and than or that simple look in his eyes. His actions shows it all. 
  2. He always supports you : No matter what, right or wrong he would support you. 
  3. He will inspire you : Because who doesn’t adore a Hot Inspiration 
  4. He will work to gain your trust : your faith in him makes him wants to stand up to it even better.
  5. He will always make you feel beautiful : Heard that love quote? “You don’t love me cause i’m beautiful, but i am beautiful cause you love me.” 
  6. He will make you feel safe : His quick tight hug makes you forget all your worries. 
  7. He does the little things : Not the overrated romance, but small gestures once in a while. 
  8. He never crosses the line : Intimacy is essential in relation but he would not force you into it, unless you are comfortable with it.
  9. He is always trying to improve himself :He tries and be better just for you.
  10. He understand action speak louder then words : He just doesn’t talk the talk. His actions shows you how lucky you two are to find way of each other. 
  11. He will open up to you : His plans with you, his secret desires, his outlook to life you get to know all just because he sees you worth sharing it all.
  12. He will be always honest with you : He would not want to hide or lie to someone who is essential part of his life.  
  13. He will never be abusive : Just because he can not hurt you.
  14. He will stand by you : That is what Relationship is about right? 


Bijal Vyas

Bijal Vyas

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Bijal Vyas

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