Photoshop Trolls – What Happens When One Asks For Photoshop Help Online

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Photoshop trolls

Online trolls and bullying is nothing new in today’s time. At times they are brutal and they are down right hillarious. This is one such story where Food Blogger fell victim to Photoshop Trolls.

A Dutch food blogger named Sid Frisjes had one of his Vacation in Paris, where he as anyone would do clicked many snaps. Though he was disappointed with one of the images, where he wanted Eiffel Tower under his finger[Which is very common and famous Pose]. 
So he took snapshots online and went to anonymous image board 4Chan and asked the community there to help him fix the picture by Photoshopping the Eiffel Tower under his finger
Helpful ‘Photoshop experts’Э then began responding to his request with retouched photos that show exactly what he had asked for albeit in bizarre and humorously creative ways.

Snapshot of His original image on the Community Board.


This Edit made him Man with an Elastic Arm that was stretched up till the top of the Eiffel tower.


This one bends and twists Eiffel Tower under his finger.


This one almost made him someone with Super Powers that of flying or floating in the air.


This is not really putting Tower under his finger, but shows him with 6 hands.


And this Epic master piece just changed the Structure, Directions, Architecture of Eiffle Tower to adjust it under his Finger.


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