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This is the question that most people have asked recently.

So after doing some research over smart phones battery I came to a conclusion with the fact that we all have been charging our smartphones wrong (Not everyone lol, few might be charging in a correct way).

We know that our smartphone battery last’s only for a day (or even barely a day).

Mostly we always charge our smartphones for small-small amount of time which may cause long-term damage to our phone batteries, so it is always advisable to charge our phone when the battery is too-low.

There is a website which goes by the name “BATTERY UNIVERSITY” that gives us the details of how the lithium-ion batteries in our smartphones are sensitive to their own versions of “Stress.” And just like us, extended stress can create a bad effect on the batteries life span.

There is always a question that how do I keep my battery life span in a good condition?

  1. Do Not Charge your Phone Over-Night:

So we all have a habit of keeping our smartphones charging overnight. We should actually avoid it charging in the night because it is bad for the battery to have a long life.

I’ll Tell you why?

Once your smartphone has reached to 100% remove it from the charger otherwise it would get “Trickle charges”. It keeps the battery in high tension state thus it wears down the chemistry from within.

Consider an example where you’re already full with the food you ate & there is no space for any other food so what happens to you when someone force feeds you? You Vomit. But here the battery won’t vomit or such, instead its chemistry within it would change and the battery life span will have issues further.


  • Do not use your phone while it is charging:

It is best that you don’t use your cellphones while it is charging because battery would start draining out and it would trigger the heating process.

At the same time when you’re charging it, the heating process is being added because due to which the battery becomes hot.

This may lead to problems that may associate with the phone’s battery life & also if the phone battery is faulty or not the branded one then there might be a possibility of extreme heat issues and it may lead to the explosion.

Instead if you want to use the phone then use portable chargers or for faster charging, for safer charging, just leave it alone while charging.

Low energy consumption like reading messages won’t overheat it. But Wi-Fi downloads, video chat and GPS are on the top.


  • Do not let it charge till 100%:

Avoid it if possible.

According to the battery University “Li-ion does not need to be fully charged, nor is it desirable to do so. In fact, it is better not to fully charge, because a high voltage stresses the battery” and wears it away in the long run.

Just plug it in whenever you can during the day and you will be fine.


  • Charge your phone occasionally:

It is good to charge your phone occasionally throughout the day instead of plugging them for big charging session when they’re empty.

According to Battery University, you can charge your phone when it comes to 10%. I know it’s impractical to drop your phone at 10% or less than that of its battery. But plug your phone multiple times in a day whenever you can. It’s fine to plug-In and out multiple times.


  • Last but not the least Keeping it cool:

We all agree sometimes our phones becomes very hot when using it continuously, charging it for long or even when we are surfing internet for an excessive amount of time. What I would suggest you when your phone gets hot is firstly take out the phone case and let it cool. Close all the background apps and turn your Wi-Fi off for some time till it gets cool.

If you are out on a sunny/hot day then keep your phone covered. It will protect your battery’s life.



So for now these are things I have gathered to keep your smartphones healthy if you need more tips then click here.

I hope this would be your expression after reading this and do suggest this things with your families, friends and other people you socialize with. Keep sharing!!!

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