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Every now and then while surfing through TV Channels, you must have stumbled upon Sony TV. And every single time you stop on this Channel you would see this one show CID. Like that is the only show channel has. Well not the only show but perhaps only famous show the Channel has is CID [Off course they have Crime Patrol and Bhanvar but CID is always telecasted with all re-runs on the channel, and people opt watching the same happily]

C.I.D. (Crime Investigation Department) is an Indian crime detective television Show created by B. P. Singh. It stars Shivaji Satam as ACP Pradhyuman, Aditya Srivastava and Dayanand Shetty as Senior Inspectors Abhijeet and Daya respectively. Naarendra gupta As Dr.Salunke ,Dinesh Phadnis as Fredrick, Hishikesh Pandey as Sachin, Sharddha Musle As Dr. Tarika, Ansha Sayyed as Purvi, Janhvi Cheda as Sherya.

Cid is longest running television series in India. It started in 1998 completed 18 years in 2015. Quite a Milestone. They have shot the episodes in foreign locations also Like Paris, Switzerland, Uzbekistan and London.

CID set another record in November 2004, when Mr BP Singh entered “Guinness Book of World Records” for canning an entire episode of CID in just one single shot of 111 minutes (One Hour Eleven One Minutes) without a single cut.

This show is very popular amongst kids. It’s not like Melodramatic Sass Bahu shows nor are they making people emotionally fool. Even though now days you will find some episodes funny and illogical action sequences but what matters at the end they are making you smile. No we are not trying to be Sarcastic, this show is really better than others of same genre.

Like Ronit Roy’s Adalat which started on great note with unique concept but now all this show features is, Dinosaurs, Ghosts, and other such show by the same Production house of CID is Sapath on Life Ok, If you have ever tried watching this one, you would know what we are talking about. They have cases where they catch hold of Criminals like Rubber man, Electric Manav and what not. At least C.I.D is away from all these as of now. We never know what might come up.

C.I.D is mostly famous for its crazy yet addictive sort of dialogues. Like ACP’s “Kaun hai wo?”, “Kuch tou gadbad hain”, “Samjhe Abhijeet” or the very famous “Daya darwaza tod dou” And funny dialogues of daya “mera haath padta hai tou daato se piano bajta hai”. Funny Sequences like Abhijeet trying to flirt with his Love interest Tarika or Scenes between Daya and Shreya are much better than other Dramas showing typical Romance [With music, dance, duppatas, sarees and sharmana kind of stuff] which exists only in books and films.

C.I.D might show gadgets and equipment which are too hard to believe exist, and the way they have solution to all the problems by hardly clicking few buttons on keyboard. And who can forget the HD quality CC TV Camera footage. But still this show holds special place in our households.


If Indian Generation started making jokes and memes C.I.D has played vital role in that. C.I.D remains light and never so stressful like other shows. For me it is better than any other show.

After 18 years, today C.I.D still airs on TV Thrice a week, and it has a Very strong Fan base, despite whatever they show.
Live Long Team C.I.D

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