Tech Geniuses of 2017 Awarded In WhizJuniors Award Show

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Whizjuniors 2017 awardshow

Kids, you give them wings and set them free… They learn to fly.

CloneFutura’s WhizJuniors is doing exactly that for Technology Training and Skills Development in Kids.

WhizJuniors a Technology learning platform encourages student from std. 2nd to 12 learn and practice latest technology subjects. The Gamified style of Learning makes WhizJuniors a Favorite for among students. As students keep completing tasks viz. watching course tutorials, solving challenges, performing practicals, as a reward they keep getting points in form of Virtual Gold Coins. This gamified way of learning helps students to attain National Ranks & motivates to learn more.

The annual tech competition aka WhizJuniors 2017, started in December 2016. 60,000+ students pan-india participated in this tech competition. 75 students qualified for the Final Round to be commenced on 8th February 2017.

The winners were felicitated & awarded on the same day in presence of eminent personalities including Dr. Jawahar Surishetti – Education Advisor for State & Central Government, Ms. Gowri Ishwaran – CEO of the Global Education and Leadership Foundation, Eminent and influential personalities from all section of the India, Principals from Various schools across India & Students and Parents.

There were 5 groups based on std of students. Each group had 15 Finalists.


WhizGenius, WhizExpert and WhizChamp [Winner, 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up respectively] were three title awarded to 3 Students from each group.

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Click on this link for more Photos and Updates of Whiz Juniors Award Show

WhizJuniors witnessed participation of 70,000+ Students, 600+ Schools and more than 2,00,000 Challenges solved by Students for this Competition.

For upcoming Educational Year 2017-2018, they are planning to broaden the levels of Gamification as well as learning.

For more details Visit the site here.

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