Shameless (शेमलेस) – Break the Body Shaming by Simply being You!

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You don’t need to be apologetic for being yourself, Be Shameless!

The Society that we live in has numerous Rules and Standards set. From how a Person should Look, Talk, Behave, Eat, Act, React and (the list never ends…).

We make our lives furthermore miserable to live up-to these pseudo Standards. Every Individual has a right to be themselves and that said, no one needs to be ashamed or apologetic about the same. Especially to be Themselves.

Our Favorite Insane Insaaan, Prajakta Koli aka Mostly Sane has portrayed in this video about being Shameless and boy she slays!

YouTubber Prajakta who goes with the Channel name Mostly Sane, started a Campaign against Body Shaming with Hashtag #iPledgeToBeMe.

Her this Music Video named #Shameless spreads the message in hard hitting and probably the most relevant way.

Video features many known celebs like Rapper Raftaar, Crockroaxz Raghav JuyalSahil Khattar of Being Indian fame, Actress Mithila Palkar, RJ Malishka, Humorist Gaurav Gera and Beauty YouTubber Sonal Sagaraya.

Watch this amazing video and support the cause against Body Shaming.

In conclusion, be You and yet be Shameless.  😎

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Bijal Vyas

Bijal Vyas

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Bijal Vyas

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