Our Country Is In Pain And These Are Disease We Must Get Rid Of

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Nobody (slight exaggeration) would take your mental agony seriously but a minor bleeding is capable to extract fountains of sympathy from the people around. PAULO COELHO got it right after all. Life will bestow you with repeated demos of varied types and sub-types of pain but here the highlight is the PAIN IN THE SYSTEM, precisely pain of being a part of it. The REASON for its selection? The magnitude of infliction and the number of its victims (KOI BACHA HO TOH BATAO)

RESERVATION MONSTER:  I can’t even describe how painful it is to see an undeserving 40 percenter getting an opportunity easily while a deserving candidate fails to seal the deal despite of having all the qualifications only because his/her caste. CASTE , which no one has a control on still controls our admissions and recruitments. Other than the pain it inflicts, this is one of the causes which restricts us from converting the “ING” in developing to “ED” in developed.

FIRST CLASS PREFERENCE:  You’re getting late and are standing in a never-ending queue to buy your ticket. Suddenly a bunch of people who decide to buy first class tickets stroll towards the counter and walk away like a boss while you stand there helpless. Do I need to elaborate further? 

FRISKING WOES:  When you face the torture of being frisked while entering the so-called high security zones and some of the powerful and mighty dignitaries walk away without going through the procedure like they are GODs of this universe, can roughly be the definition for this category of pain. It hurts but what to do nobody can see it so it does not qualify the pain standards.

NAKABANDI TORTURE:  Nakabandi is declared, the security personnel check every inch of your vehicle but when they see a LAL BATTI vehicle all they do is salute and let them go. 

TRANSFER GRIEF:  Honesty is the best policy but it apparently isn’t liked by everyone. The instances of the officers who work hard to end corruption get transferred for this virtue of theirs. This shows that practically you get punished for being honest and not rewarded. It’s a shame how lightly most of us take this matter.


DELAY HURDLE:  Under most circumstances you need to pay (kharcha-paani) to get your work done faster and guess what? if you don’t then your work either is delayed or not allowed to progress at all just because the person responsible to do it wants to make some extra income at your expense. If this is not pain, I don’t know what is.


DISILLUSION :  Lastly the most excruciating variety of this category, DISILLUSIONMENT. The one which breaks all your illusions about the way the system works because it doesn’t works the way you assumed it to be.

Pain never ends but the failure to acknowledge its cause or ignorance towards it will only aggravate the situation further.  All we can do is STRUGGLE SURVIVE and SUCCEED because the inevitable pain in the system will keep taking your agni-pariksha and perhaps even make you stronger. 

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Sneha Pandey

Sneha Pandey

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Sneha Pandey

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